How to praise your child: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Most parents praise their child with short generic phrases like “Good boy” or Good Girl” or “Great Job”.


Even some International Kindergarten teachers also fall into the habit of doing this. However when studying to become a Kindergarten or Preschool teacher most aspiring teachers are taught that this can be damaging over the long term.


This is because over time the child will form the habit of relying on receiving the reward of praise itself rather than learning to feel positively motivated by concrete reasons.


Its therefore important to praise your child with a specific reason “Toshi you did a great job watering the roses today they really need a drink in this Summer heat.”


This is also likely to stay with the child for much longer than just “Great Job”. Toshi will then want to water the roses because he has a solid reason to do so.


So make an effort to make your praise specific, and give your child some positive food for thought.