BKI Preschool Main Campus: Sakai 5-17-15, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo, 180-0022


Playing out doors is a wonderful and natural sensory experience for children, but did you know that as well as learning about nature, children who play outside on a regular basis develop better language skills, are fitter and have fewer behavioural problems? Occupational Therapists tell us however that its not enough for a child to experience this just once a week. Your child’s sensory system needs to experience the outdoors everyday if it is to be healthy.  Just as occasional exercise does not produce fitness, children need to play and move on a regular and frequent basis in order to have a healthy sensory system. At BKI Preschool healthy risk taking is also supported by accompanying teachers. Confidence, lowered anxiety and problem solving skills are therefor also an important result of our regular free play outdoor program.

  • Both locations are situated in, or nearby, a green, spacious, shady park.

  • Outdoor free play forms a regular part of our daily routine.

  • We have our own thriving vegetable garden.

  • Regular project topics carried out by the children include Global Warming and what we can do about it. How we can look after the rivers and trees, recycle, be conservative and responsible with what we have.

  • Other related topics include the natural world: How do plants grow? What lives below the soil? Planet topography and the animals that live in them, as well as the universe, stars and planets are also covered. Hands on models and projects help your child fully engage and immerse themselves in the topic.

  • Many of our art projects such as collages are made from natural materials collected from the park – giving the children the opportunity to touch, observe, and contemplate nature in their everyday lives.

  • Most of our craft materials are recycled items collected from the community.

  • Visits to museums are frequent.

  • Camping trips to the mountains are taken by the older elementary school aged children.

  • To see the full range of parks accessible to your child follow this link: http://www.bkipreschool.com/park-play/

The park and Head Office are one, connected by full length windows and natural light...

The park and Head Office are one, connected by full length windows and natural light...