How to bring greater security to your toddlers day. (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Kids, particularly toddlers, thrive on routine.  At this age they are particularly susceptible to the uncertainty thrown up by sudden unwanted change.  Lets face it, even as adults we are negatively affected by this.


A child’s day needs plenty ofcertainty, and the more the better.  If you are at home with your toddler there may be plenty of daily tasks that you can form into a predictable routine.  The point is to regularly do them in some sort of order each day and on time.


Daycare, Kindergarten and Preschool are well known for their strong routines.  You can improve this further by having a good routine at home too.


Mealtimes will always form a central part of your child’s day so it's a good idea to start planning any new routine around this.  Toileting and nappy (diaper) changing are also re-occurring functions that can be done at regular times. You can add any regular daily activity into the mix.  Teeth brushing, turning on the radio, shopping, food preparation etc etc.


 Its also a great idea to set a different sounding alarm on your phone to go off at the right time for each activity. Your toddler will soon become familiar with each sound. You may even be surprised when one day they begin to name the activity just before the alarm sounds!