How to react when your toddler takes a tumble: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Lets face it , Kindergarten and Preschool are not the only times when our toddler is out and about andmay possibly take a tumble. As often as not it also occurs when in our company.


Our first reaction when our little one takes a fall is usually not a calm one. Some of us make the mistake of over reacting. We do this out of concern, but the result almost always sends our toddler into greater shock, the inevitable crying takes place, and the greater the shock the louder the crying.


The next time your toddler takes a fall try an almost unconcerned, neutral approach.  Naturally you will want to pick them up, dust them off and say a few words. If your response is calm you may be very surprised at how calm your toddler then reacts.


Its been said that life is a mirror, try a calmer approach and give your little soldier the gift of confidence.