When Families Relocate (Bilingual Kids Co.,Ltd インターナショナル幼稚園)

Have you ever travelled overseas? Are you now planning on travelling overseas? These days there are many Japanese people who have had an overseas experience, but in the past it was not often the case. Travel costs were more expensive and many people were simply afraid to go.


Now the situation is completely different with overseas travel numbers becoming very high during the holiday seasons. However overseas travel for many Japanese families can also take place for business reasons. Has your husband just received an overseas assignment? Many Japanese companies these days increasingly send their employees on overseas assignments so that they can expand their business dealings as part of a globalization strategy.


Perhaps you are moving to the U.S. or perhaps you are moving to Australia. Even if the country you move to does not use English as its native language your family, particularly your children may be well advised to put some preparation into learning this universal language to help them get by after they arrive. You should aim for at least 6 months of English emersion before you go.


To seek out Kindergartens in English, Google “International Kindergartens” or “International Preschools” in your local area. These services are able to provide Children’s English Education in the form of English conversation lessons.


If you are selling your house before you go, or are currently renting, you will be free to choose which area of Tokyo to live in when you return. When returning to Tokyo consider the fact that: Kichijoji, and its surrounding areas in Musashino, is consistently voted as the number one destination to live for young families. There are many reasons for this. Great shopping, parks and greenery and convenience to Tokyo are Just a few reasons to move there.  Musashino is also well regarded for the stability of its land. If you find it difficult to acquire housing in Kichijoji, try other areas in Musashino such as Mitaka and Musashisakai. Koganei Park, previously mentioned in other posts, is Tokyo’s second largest park and is only five hundred meters from our Musashisakai head office.


If you have been living away from Japan for a long time your children will hopefully have gained a lot of English language experience. Its very advantageous then at this stage to keep their English ability alive so that they can get good grades at school. You may therefore like to consider putting them in an afternoon or after school English program. These are also offered by International Preschools and are an effective means of keeping your childs English grades up. Kichijoji, Mitaka and Musashisakai all have such services available.