Koganei Park BBQ (Bilingual Kids Co., Ltd インターナショナル幼稚園)

Family time for most of us is precious, and the best of these times are when we are all at our most relaxed. In my experience one of the very best ways to do this is to take the spouse and kids for a BBQ in a really great park.


The best time to have a Koganei Park BBQ is generally between April and September. However as the years are warming up this period is also now creeping into late October.


For many years the Koganei Park BBQ facilities were very limited, but since around 2014 the park has upgraded the area with a shop and specially marked BBQ zones. These are located among shady trees not far from the South entrance.


It used to be that anyone could arrive and pitch a place, but these days you have to make a booking. If you have a large group its possible to book several areas side by side.  You can book weekdays and weekends but be warned that, due to its popularity in peak season, it’s wise to book your weekend BBQ early.


The shop stocks frozen meat and all the BBQ equipment that you may need to hire, including BBQ’s, tables, chairs, tent shelters and boxed charcoal. Alcohol is also available. If you are on a budget or particular about your choice of meat, its recommended that you go to your local supermarket first. Also the actual BBQ area is laid out on dirt so you will need to bring your own groundsheet.


 We have a Koganei Park BBQ every year in early summer. The parents and kids always end up having a great time and it's a great opportunity for staff to share and catch up on family events and news while the kids run about and climb trees. Due to the nearby location of the local Asia university there are often many young people also having a good time. Everyone gets on well and we always come away with the feeling that it was really great to get together again in such a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


After our BBQ some parents also take their kids off to a super location within the park which has jumping hills, flying fox and adventure playground.  There is also a basket ball court and a large grassed field is in front of the BBQ area which is great for ball games, badminton, or any event you care to organize.



The best time to have a Koganei Park BBQ may coincide with the hay fever period. If you suffer from hay fever, it's a good idea to take medication before you go. Tokyo can be bad for sufferers at the best of times but the extra pollen from grass and trees in the early summer months can leave you feeling a little uncomfortable.


If you are coming by car, there is a car park area by the south entrance. If you are lucky enough to be within bike riding distance Koganei Park is also a great place to cycle. You can also hire bikes for your little ones if you are teaching them to ride. There is a special track here for this, but you may want to just let them loose on the inner grass field, were they will be less likely to hurt themselves if they fall off.


At the end of the day there is special BBQ pit to put your hot coals in alongside a facility to wash your equipment.


Koganei Park BBQ’s are awesome and a great part of local city life.  It’s always a great day and it’s Tokyo’s second biggest park! Our Preschool/Kindergarten is located just around the corner, see you there!