Parenting Support; The five benefits of adding responsibility to your child’s day. (Bilingual Kids Co., Ltd インターナショナル幼稚園)

The importance of parenting support for young preschoolers can never be underestimated, and so as a caring parent, fostering the development of your child should always be your main aim. With so much technology attracting our child’s attention, particularly in the later years, now may be the very best time to get creative with the way in which you support your child.


Children who develop creative imaginations through a positive environment often become valuable problem solvers as adults. So before the smart phone, tablet or gaming console takes over the life of your child, try giving them a little parenting support by way of responsibility in the arrangement of a newly enhanced home environment.



Get your child to help you structure your home environment


When considering parent support in this way, there are many fixed calendar dates that we can use to creatively change the way the interior of our house looks. There is Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Tanabata, Children’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Grandparent’s Day, to name just a few. All of these dates can be used as a reason to change your main living area (or your child’s bedroom) in a fun and creative way.  Young kids love getting involved in special projects!


Get creative


Why not paint egg shells for Easter decorations? How about a scary Halloween collage? ….or bamboo wishes in the living room for Tanabata Day?


Parenting support naturally means using your instincts. As you work together you can encourage your youngster with positive comments on their work and get them further involved by asking their advice on where to place the decorations, gently guiding them to make appropriate choices.


Of course there are many other ways you can restructure your home environment and get your child involved. On any given day you can discuss how to rearrange the furniture together. Why not move the couch around and reposition the dinning room table? A fun way to involve your child in this is to spread a blanket over the moved items to create a cozy kid cave. Get your child to add pillows and cushions inside to make it extra inviting.


How about hanging bed sheets from the ceiling of your child’s room? You could buy beads from a craft shop and work together to string them up as a hanging screen above your child’s bedroom door. You could buy a simple lamp shade and decorate it. Anything is possible.


Find the time to get involved. If you cant find the time, create it. Of course this kind of parenting support can, and should, come from dads too. Weekends can become really creative days!



So what are the hidden benefits of this seemingly simple parenting support? For one thing you will be…


  • Strengthening the Parent/Child bond.  (This may be particularly important for busy dads).


The following benefits will aid the cause of this bond which will also be of great benefit to your child.


 By creatively giving your child responsibility in the changing of their environment over time…….


  • Your child’s Self Confidence will improve.
  • Your child’s Life Skills will improve.
  •  Your child’s Independence will improve.
  •  Your child Self Esteem will improve.


With Self Confidence your child will learn to trust in their own abilities and judgments. With new Life Skills your child will be able to more fully participate in daily life. With greater Independence your child will have more self –determination and with greater Self Esteem your child will have improved self respect.


All of these areas are enhanced just by adding a little responsibility to your child’s day, one day at a time.


Parenting support is not only the right thing to do, its also a lot of fun to watch your child grow and develop.


Its fun for big kids too!