BKI Preschool Main Campus: Sakai 5-17-15, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo, 180-0022


Craft Material Donation

Do you have small quantities of interesting items that can be recycled and used for inspiring children's craft and projects ideas? Do you have electrical products that can be pulled apart? If so please let us know! 

  • Please inform us of your name, email address (both to remain confidential), what you are willing to donate, a photo of the product, amount, state of the product, and a story about your package, before you send it to us. (Due to limited storage space available in our facility we need to screen items.)

  • Product donation related contact e-mail:f0rc0ntactuse[at]outlook.com (The 2nd and 5th digits are Zero's. Please replace [at] with @).

  • Once we screen and accept your items, we will reply to your email and can come and pick them up at a predetermined location (Local Musashino area), or we can accept CASH ON DELIVERY Mail.

We will upload pictures on our official SNS showing what the children made with your items. Please tell us your story of how you came by the items (or object) and we may include your message in our project blog updates. 


The following kinds of products are what we are currently seeking.



  • Decorative items: glitters, buttons, bells, ornaments, wool threads, ribbons, beads, shells, magnets, clips, pegs, stickers, cellophane, ear cleaners, cotton buds, and straws etc.

  • Cloth: clothes, curtains, carpets, mats, and felt etc.

  • Paper: Origami, color drawing paper, wrapping paper, Japanese “Washi” paper, string, paper cups, and corrugated cardboard.

  • Iron products: screws, nails, nuts, bolts, clips, and wires, brackets etc.

  • Wood (All shapes and sizes)

  • Boxes: Fancy Present boxes, huge boxes (eg Refrigerator or similar size) etc.

  • Paint (water and acrylic), glue, crayons, sellotape, strings and threads, masking tape, and clay etc.


Tools and Electrical Products 

  • Craft tools: Brushes, Sand Paper, screw drivers, pliers, wire cutters, cutter knives etc

  • Woodworking tools: wood pieces (long/ thin etc.), sculpture sword, hammer, saw blade, flat file, drill bits (all kinds) etc.

  • Torch bulbs, electric wire, small electric motors (working)

  • Radios, Clocks, watches, Recorders, Kitchen appliances etc (Any condition is OK, Please Note however that we do not accept items that can not be disposed of in the regular trash due to environmental concerns).

If you have anything else that you think can be used as craft materials, or you have any unusual items, please let us know.

We also accept kids English books in good condition.

We receive and accept items from all around the world!

Thanks for your recycling help!