One regular music class in action.

One regular music class in action.

Music, Drama & Dance !

At BKI we have an excellent music program. While our overall educational program is carefully and deliberately balanced with music drama and dance used as an important aspect of meaning making, we are certainly not naive enough to suggest that a school should base its entire educational program on just music alone. While regular music sessions do occur all year round with professional, qualified local teachers, BKI also has an extensive, intensive three month period  when Music, Drama and Dance coincide to form a powerful educational medium which runs every day of the week. Why is this medium so powerful? By combining Music, Drama and Dance into a highly organized stage production that is produced, created, and constructed entirely by the children each year, the level of meaning that the children construct for themselves goes right off the scale!  

To find out more about our excellent stage productions please ask at your school interview.


Greater VaRIETY

BKI has invested in a wide variety of musical instruments which your child can use on a daily basis. Aside from the usual assortment of castanets, harmonicas, triangles and shakers, we also provide early musical experiences usually reserved for more mature students. At BKI opportunities for creative intelligence are never left out of reach! 


We have an assortment of electric and acoustic guitars, including child size guitars.  A nine piece Roland Electric Drum Kit has most recently been put into service. Our staff are always ready and willing to demonstrate, encourage and play the equipment alongside the children. To date we have collectively spent more than 1,200,000 yen on High Quality Musical Equipment.




At BKI we do love our music. Our favourite music room is at Head Office. In winter, on snowy days, come on over and sit by the log fire in our cozy environment overlooking the park, and listen to the sound of happy children singing as they are accompanied by our big piano!