Give your child time to accept change: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Change represents uncertainty, and uncertainty is mostly difficult for all of us, this is especially so for kids.  Big, life changing circumstances are obviously one thing to deal with but how about everyday change?


Its important to prepare your child for all the little changes in their daily routine. The best way to smooth out their day is to pre-empt change with a verbal warning that a change is about to come up.


If our child is watching T.V. and we want them to turn it off then it comes naturally to most of us to say “You can have 10 more minutes then I want you to turn it off”  What we need to do as parents is to try and make this a habit with most change requests.


If you have a young boy in your family this is particularly important. Boys have a particular sense for intense focus that differs from girls. If you have ever watched a young boy playing with his fire truck you will know what I mean. Young boys therefor usually find a change in routine much more difficult than girls because they are often mentally engaged at a level of intensity that requires effort to emerge from. The result of change without warning can often lead to emotional tantrums that take more time to emerge from.



Of course every change does not need pre-empting, especially if the routine is well known or focus is shallow, however If your child’s focus or excitement is high give them the gift of a little time to change.