What to do if at first you don't feel attachment to your new baby. (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

The good news is that you don't have to do anything if you are without feelings for your new born.  You need to know that for many mothers this is a perfectly natural state to experience.  It may be easy to assume that this experience will be permanent.  Once we push this conceived negative concept into the future we have put it in a place that we can not possibly control, and it is here that we may actually become fearful.


Please don't be. You affections for your newborn will come over time.  As a new mother you are not expected to know what to do in every moment. Nor are you expected to understand each cry your baby utters.  Your husband or partner may ask you questions, “ Why is our baby doing this?”  Please do not worry if you don't have the answers, motherhood is also something which grows over time, in the beginning everything may be seen to start from nothing.


A young baby can be very demanding. You don't need to figure your way through the circumstances, as this may only cause you further confusion. 


Relax, and you will begin to notice over time that your baby has her own routine. Sometimes she is crying, at other times she is asleep.  Like night and day she alternates. When she is quiet and calm this is the opportunity to find out who she is. Her little habits and gestures are unique in many ways.


Attachment is not something that you try to do, it is something that grows on you like the moss on a tree. Please relax and give it time. One day you will smile at the memory of it.