Give the gift of Presence: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

The most precious gift any parent can give their child is the gift of presence.  In this busy world its so easy to get caught up in the fast moving world around us that often we don't give our children the type of quality time that they deserve.


Quality time is where we close our mind off to every other thought that is demanding our attention and just be there 100% for our child. Presence is a quality that is very close to love. 


All children need to know that they are loved.  The energy of presence that you convey to your child when you give them a 100% of your undivided attention will stay with your child long after it has been received. It could be argued that it will even last a lifetime.


So make quality time for your child a habitual part of your day, then watch your child return that gift 100 fold!