Give your self a break (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Most of us know that a good life is all about balance. This can be narrowed down to a good year, a good month, a good week, a good day, a good hour and a good minute. We need balance all the time to be happy and when we are happy we spread this to others, including our family and children.


Balance is one of those things however which is easier said than done .  There is so much to do, and so little time in which to do it. We have responsibilities and may have many things over which to worry about. We have to give ourselves a break. We have to know when to stop.


Stopping is a very important aspect of balance. We stop at traffic lights so that traffic coming from another direction can continue. We stop when we sleep, so that the body and mind can repair itself from its daytime adventures. Its basic, but sometimes we forget the importance of stopping.


So give yourself a break. In fact, constant breaks, throughout everything that you do. From planning the big breaks like a holiday right through to little breaks in your daily routine. Set your favorite treats aside, and organize your breaks.

When you stop, you are taking a break. We can even do this with our thinking by stopping and reconnecting with our breath, moment by moment.  When we stop we are reconnecting with life in a way that let’s everything go, including our negative energy.


Did you know that most of our thoughts are negative?  These accumulate. We may find ourselves yelling at our kids and then wondering what has come over us. We have momentarily become unbalanced. At some stage all parents go through it, its unavoidable unless we remember to stop and give ourselves a break.


The more we stop, the happier we become. Its infectious and our families will love us for it!