Why where you live matters: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

Our environment has all sorts of daily effects on us which we then translate to those around us. If you are moving to Tokyo, try an area that will be conductive to your own mental well being as well as that of your children. 


Where you live will also have a profound effect on your success at work too.  Coming home to community full of trees after a hard day at work may not at first glance seem important, but the long term affect can be profound.


Tokyo has various large parks and several green belt areas. Choosing a place to live near these locations is bound to positively affect your families lifestyle so a wise choice now could save you a lot of discomfort down the track if you want to move later.


Musashino-shi is one green belt area that is only a half hour train ride to Shinjuku on the Chuo Line.  This area encompasses areas like Musashi-sakai, Kichijoji, and Mitaka. Other near by locations include Koganei, Nishi Tokyo and Kodaira .  All these areas are popular family locations with plenty of shade and quaint running streams.