Choose a school that fosters mistakes: (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

It’s unfortunate that many schools around the world seem to have forgotten that a child’s growth can only be established by learning from mistakes. Indeed this is actually the very foundation of a child’s mental development. “Live and learn” as we say.


So why is it that many schools don't foster and celebrate mistakes as a clear function of learning, rather than something to be shunned and feared?


Part of the problem can be found in history.


 Schools in many countries were originally set up long ago as a way of providing a class of people who could work the engines of the industrial era. In this context mistakes indicated incompetence. The whole educational system was set up for this and many schools today still reflect this purpose in their culture.


The educational context has now changed: Educators around the world now need to refocus their attention on creativity to take education in new and productive directions.


Creativity is a mistake making process that now needs to be embraced. Indeed the very best art and innovation often came about because of a mistake!


Every child has the right to make 1,2, or many mistake’s. Why not thousands? Give your child an environment which will turn her mistakes into a passion that will drive her growth and development forward.