Give your child the chance to adapt to change - Why creative thinking should be a core part of every school. (Bilingual Kids インターナショナル幼稚園)

To give your child the best education can offer you will need to choose a school that teaches your child how to creatively adapt to the ever changing environment.


The reason that the world is changing faster than ever is because technology has now caught up with the human imagination. This means that the pace of change can only accelerate.


Choose a school that runs with this trend, not a school that is bogged down by it. If you look around you may well find that it is the smaller, more flexible organizations that are better adapting to meet this challenge.


A small school is like a small pond where the little fish are intimately protected and nurtured, giving them a chance to mature (cope with change) before moving on to bigger environments.


If we look still further we can see that every convenience of modern life has been created by a team of creative people. Such people have already become the most highly valued (and paid) people in the modern work force.


A school that puts creativity at the forefront of its aims may well place the same opportunities before your child.