The Daycare situation in Japan (Bilingual Kids Co.Ltd インターナショナル幼稚園)

If you have Just arrived in Japan, or are thinking of going and you have young children then you need to read this.


If you are thinking ofmoving to West Tokyo, close to Kichijoji you also need to read on….


At first glance the daycare facilities in Japan are first class. At the very least they are good. This is because that many of them are are government owned and run. The buildings are large and spacious, usually two or three stories high with a very generous yard full of play equipment. Some daycare facilities may even have a fenced swimming pool. Most have a shed full of tricycles, a slide, climbing frame and possibly some caged animals. The fees are also very reasonable. There are also a large number of private centers which are government regulated.


However as as most of us already living in Japan know, getting into a Tokyo daycare center can be next to impossible. As many have stated, the daycare situation in Tokyo is now one of crisis. There are simply not enough daycare centers in Tokyo to accommodate all the children who need to go. Tokyo Daycare Facilities are now at Maximum capacity.


Unfortunately this has forced other consequences. Working conditions at many of these facilities have become strained due to overcapacity. Staff are often overworked, underpaid and stressed. While the government is working to remedy the situation by building new facilities and has pledged to earmark more government funds towards daycare, it may take quite some time yet before the crisis is solved.


However, there is a partial solution for some willing to move.


Did you know that not all daycare facilities are full? There are some small Private Daycare Operators, like this school here in Musashisakai, Musashino, that are able to take in limited children. If you are willing to move you maybe surprised that such schools are also surprisingly well priced.  While not as low as government run facilities, some schools such as BKI offer prices as low as 600 yen per hour.


Compare this to Daycare Facilities in other areas which run as high as 15000 yen ($150) per day!



What is available for this rate?  Well paid, qualified professionals provide safe care in a loving environment. A nearby shady park with great outdoor equipment is used everyday, and, from around mid to late January 2017, we will be opening our brand new, earthquake resistant facility which is a short walk from Musashisakai station.


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