What makes an Australian based preschool in Tokyo different from other International preschools? (Bilingual Kids Co., Ltdインターナショナル幼稚園)

Do you live in Tokyo? Have you ever been on a trip to Australia? Would you like to take your kids on a trip to Australia? Would you like your kids to experience an Australian preschool?  Now you don't even have to leave Tokyo to do it!


 There are very few Australian based international preschools in Tokyo (In fact we are probably the only one) Our school is located in Musashisakai, Musashino, and is known as Bilingual Kids International Preschool or BKI.


There are two important areas to look at when looking for an international preschool. School culture and school philosophy.


Every child, yours included, will travel the path that leads them through life. The experiences they have, the people they meet and the choices they make will all enlighten their journey with lessons and triumphs.


At BKI our philosophy is to give them a strong beginning.


The school owners and staff at BKI totally believe and understand that children really are the most important resource in the world.  To them, kids are precious beyond measure because of their honesty and innocence and their thirst for discovery. We believe that the experiences a child has in their younger years affects their attitudes, beliefs and values as they grow into adults and with this understanding our goal is to broaden your child’s experience of the world by offering a huge range of “Australian and other International experiences.” 


We believe that the culture of Japan is very important. We also believe that it is our vital role to reflect the many other cultures of the world within our early childhood environment. Our Australian flavored child care environment encourages children to make choices that are healthy and proactive in enabling them to work alongside others and discover their own problem solving skills. Children at BKI are also able to speak up and express their needs without hesitation. We foster mistakes as an important process of learning.


Our Australian environment allows children to access stimuli and experiences that suit their needs and creates a child managed space that leads to empowerment.


Our international environment will also teach your child to stand up for themselves. We provide security for all children through use of firm, consistent limits. The children own their school and its rules, and it is through this sense of ownership that they become empowered.


Australian education and childcare caters for both group and individual needs. We believe that families are the most important part of a child’s life and so our goal is to always treat families with the utmost honesty and respect. We strive to involve parents directly in the decision making process surrounding all aspects of care and education while encouraging both parents to involve themselves in their child’s day. Part of the way that we do this is by providing a fully updated internet service that keeps you informed of your child’s daily experiences.


As in Australia, every child has the right to a safe and secure environment. By December of 2016 we will have constructed our brand new fully earthquake resistant facility specifically for this purpose.


In the design, there is space for fun, space for relaxation, places to be together and places to be alone. We have spaces to be organized and spaces to be messy, places for self expression and places to conform. Most important we have places for children to be themselves, no matter who they may be. We have all this …..in our new school facility. Come and check us out! Book your interview today! Let us give your child the very best of beginnings….