BKI Preschool Main Campus: Sakai 5-17-15, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo, 180-0022


TESTIMONIALS (Parents/Guardians and Visitors)

2018 Art exhibition

"The art exhibition was well organized. The past year has been a great learning experience for our daughter. We look forward to seeing more progress on her, at BKI :) "-BKI Parents/Guardian


"Everything is fun & adorable!"-BKI Parents/Guardian


"Great art exhibition! Very interesting, so inspiring for the children. Love it, Thank you BKI! "-BKI Parents/Guardian


"I felt that each art work cherishes individuality and extends the strengths of each child."-BKI Parents/Guardian


"The art work was well driven from the interests of the students. I look forward to seeing my child continue on in learning more freely and with fun through their interaction with art, english, friends, and teachers.Thank you very much. It was a great art exhibition."-BKI Parents/Guardian


"Knowing last year’s exhibition, this year’s exhibition had its distinct colors reflecting this year’s students’ characteristics. "-BKI Parents/Guardian


"Thank you very much for holding such a great opportunity. I enjoy the exhibition every year. Under different themes, every display is so colorful and they make me pumped up. My child seemed very proud of herself as well. It must be a lot of work, putting things together and cleaning up. Thank you very much for the work. "-BKI Parents/Guardian


"I love the selection of the ideas (The Weaving Project, the Pattern City Project, and battery circuit etc.)"-BKI Parents/Guardian


"The quality of the art work is unbelievable as a kindergarten. It focuses and extends each individual personality, and not caught in mind of any color or of any shape. Each and every work was interesting to look at. I was happy to see my own child’s growth."-BKI Parents/Guardian


"Very nice school. Takes in not only the child but the parents as a big family. My children were interested in the 'where did the turtle go' and 'the magnifying glasses'. They where asking the teacher 'where had the turtle gone'. It was clear that the art work elaboration enhanced as the age group went up. I liked the warm and at home kind of atmosphere. Thank you very much."-BKI Visitor


"Lots of attracting art work. Children’s imagination and abilities are amazing."-BKI Visitor


"Lots of craft activity, very exciting! "-BKI Visitor


"Very colourful and lots of great art works! Seems like a school with lot of excitement and fun. As the floor goes up, the art work becomes comprehensive as well. "-BKI Visitor


"Lots of colourful and cute craft works."-BKI Visitor


"Lively craft works, we had a lot of fun."-BKI Visitor


"Very creative. Enjoyed the colour variation. The display was well thought through."-BKI Visitor


"My child seemed to like the coloured water bottle reflecting the sun light. I was able to tell that the students are having a lot of fun working on all sorts of art and craft works."-BKI Visitor


"There were a lot of crafts, some were traditional and others like the weaving work was not something you would see in Japan regularly. I believe that the art itself can stimulate the children and enhance their creativity. Even if the child cannot yet speak in English, because the environment is fully in English it generates the will in the child to try to speak out."-BKI Visitor



Testimonials from the past

“Excellent quality of care"


“BKI has offered the best education for my daughter, who considers all the teachers family. There is a real sense of warmth and stability, and she has no idea that she spends all day absorbing some really quite complex knowledge!”


“The school’s curriculum is an easy going blend of all subjects that children are allowed to fully immerse themselves in – neck deep! Upon closer inspection, the facade of simplicity reveals a complex and well-studied teaching medium, of which the staff are experts.”


“My daughter loves this school! BKI has given her a chance to learn in a refreshingly ‘down to earth’ atmosphere. The flexibility of the owners, the well-planned (and simple!) calendar and the attention to child/parents’ needs, make this surely one of the best schools in Tokyo!”


“When my little girl gets older she will remember her time at BKI vividly. I, too, have a great collection of photo journals sent to me by ‘Mr. Rob’, of pool play, day trips and laughing faces. Every day is worthy of capturing in memory and camera.”


“Lovely parents, great kids, open and warm atmosphere – I never feel that there are any ‘down days’ at BKI.” -K’s Mum


Dear Miss Kumi and staff,

I cant believe my son is graduating from BKI.

As strange as it sounds, I hate to see him graduate because it means he wont be able to come to BKI everyday.

I know its a great thing that he is moving on to a new school. However, attending BKI was such a nice experience for him. I wish he could stay here forever.

BKI is a warm, happy, comfortable place filled with laughter and love. Everything you do here is just what the children want and need.

You always give them the chance to think and to create things with their friends. You encourage them to use their imagination and to make things while sharing their ideas with everyone.

My son was shy before, but he has changed a lot since he came to BKI. He loves BKI and its like a home to him.

I really appreciate what you've done for us and your hard work.

I think we were so lucky to have found such an amazing school.    

Thank you so much for those memorable years. - R's Mum.


“The biggest reason we chose BKI was the teachers zeal concerning their educational system. Their eyes always sparkle when they talk about their educational policy. We felt confident in trusting them. BKI fosters independence in the child. The children are often given the chance to speak in front of the group. BKI is not like a Japanese kindergarten. Our children have gained great self esteem from the teachers positive guidance. Both our sons enjoy it very much. Every day they make a new discovery. We are always looking forward to their future.” -A&T’s Mum


“My daughter is four years old and one of the children in the Reggio class. She goes to school every day of the week. We moved recently from Kansai and she started to go to BKI from February of this year. She really loves BKI. She really enjoys her time at kindy. She has many friends, and the teachers are very friendly. My daughter is in the process of building her English words. At BKI she seems to be achieving this naturally through positive, everyday experiences.”


“Mr. Rob is very creative, often as a nice actor when he does the storytelling for the children! He is also a good carpenter! (During holiday periods he often adds things such as benches and notice boards to the facility. He even made a big sandbox full of white beach sand at BKI Sakai!” -M’s Mum


“Hello, I am A’s mother. Thank you for inviting us to the BBQ. We had a wonderful time with you, especially my husband. We would’ve loved to have talked to you more. Recently, my daughter is starting to speak English – “yummy”, “wait”, “pack away”, “sit down”, etc. She often becomes a teacher as if we are students. Then, she explains a book to us or she gives cards to us like Mr. A. She dances when she listens to the Hokey Pokey song or the Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song. She also sings a few songs in English. We hope she will enjoy lessons there after GW. And we look forward to be seeing you at the next BBQ. See you soon.” -A’s Mum


“Our son attended BKI for 5 years. Each day he enters an environment where he receives the support and encouragement he needs to develop intellectually and emotionally. And at this, perhaps most crucial, stage of his development, we cannot express how grateful we are that such a preschool exists. Our son has developed friendships with his fellow students. He loves going to BKI each morning, and he always has something interesting to talk about at the end of the day. Since he started, we have watched him grow into a unique, confident little human being, and we owe much of this to the efforts of the dedicated staff at BKI.” -M&W


“I think that BKI is the best place if you would like to have your child learn English. All the activities are done in English. The children are immersed in a good English environment. They learn English through Mat Time, singing , “Show and Tell”, in-depth projects, and other daily activities. They also get to speak English spontaneously by chatting with friends. In my daughter’s case, when she was drawing a picture with her friends, she said, ‘You can use anything you like.’, indicating colored pencils. You may be surprised how, one day, your child can speak English in the proper situation.” -H’s Dad


“Thank you very much for an amazing exhibition. It must be lot of work for you. Also, we would like to apologize we stayed too long. We enjoyed it very much and understood how kids are doing at BKI more now. This exhibition taught us that BKI helps children to discover and develop their hidden potential, which sometime parents miss/cannot see because of such a close relationship. We are looking forward to seeing next one.” -H’s Mum and Dad


Dear BKI Staff,

Thank you so much for the 2014 Christmas show. I was SO impressed by their performance! Your direction, their performance, the props and the backdrops, everything was just so amazing and beautiful! It must have been really hard to have them memorise their lines and teach them how to play.

I never thought that kindergarten students could perform such an amazing play!

They were perfect and performing with confidence! Im sure all the parents feel the same way.

Thank you so much for having taught them sincerely and politely and having loved them so deeply all the time. I think that’s why they were able to enjoy practicing for the Christmas show and performed very well.

We’re so lucky to have found such a great kindergarten and met great teachers like you.


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