BKI’s Core Value


Let me explain to you what is broken with the world and why BKI is in business to fix it. 


Just ask yourself “What is a child?”


If we are what we think, then a child is the sum of all their thoughts.


Thoughts. Just like an adult mind a child’s mind is full of thoughts. But life is much simpler in a young child’s reality. Thoughts flow like a river of dreams and the heart is always full of hope. But somewhere along the way we get lost, as we grow the nature of these thoughts gets distorted, our dreams become distant memories, and by the time we are adults the world for more than a few us is a seemingly complex, sometimes hopeless reality. Just one glance at the internet news today will confirm this.


Why is this the story for so many carefree children who become adults? The very nature of childhood is sacred. Where did the all the potential go, and what can be done for young children today?


What do you do with an idea (a thought) like that, that interests you?  Often enough we KNOW what we should do but we don’t act on it. Why is this?


Education is failing our children


To rephrase this one critical question: Why is it that we so often give up along the road to our dreams by ceasing to take continuous action on ideas that are close to our heart?


Unfortunately children are seldom seen for the great potential that they possess.  Adults seem to always know what’s best, mostly through the eyes of their own agendas. It was the industrial revolution that still shapes the education industry today, separating the heart from the head in order to churn out factory workers. Now we are seeing these results reflected in certain aspects of societies around the world.


 The answer to this one critically fundamental question about life is all that any child really needs to figure out. THIS is education as it should be, and the answer, ingrained as habit, opens the door to a higher destiny. Right here, in the habitual domain, is the junction where all children succeed or fail along their journey to adulthood. We must all come to understand that the only way we can impact this life is through the repeated actions that we take on our thoughts and ideas. Don't ever give up taking concrete action on your ideas! don't stop! Nothing else has any impact on life. Nothing else short of this can change our lives for the better.


While the system may be in crisis, all is not lost.


 Children need the keys to self autonomy and self direction more than ever. While the response is agonizingly slow, educators around the world are responding. Our view of the child, childhood, and the adult agenda behind the reasons for “educating” children are slowly changing.


Uniquely positioned, BKI Preschool is in business to right these wrongs of childhood and give back to your child the key to unlocking their dreams.


Our Core Value is to teach children that the world will only move for them when they act on their creative thoughts and ideas.  When the head and the heart act as one, miracles can happen.


This is not just fancy rhetoric, this lies at the very heart of what BKI believes.


Then why is it that BKI is so driven to fix this problem?  What Qualifies them?


Put your kids in the hands of people who know.


It is no coincidence that this problem is also the personal story of the owners twenty eight year struggle with entrepreneurship. Thus it is very deeply engrained in the psyche of both the directors and the BKI team.


It is rare to find qualified educators with such a deep entrepreneurial history, but for those who have struggled for so long in the field of education and have made their dreams come true in the process, there is a strong urge, an ever increasing need, to complete the cycle by giving back to others. For years we dreamed of having a school just like the BKI that stands before you today. Day by day, we took one small step at a time. Our reality is now testimony to our beliefs.


What we all need now more than anything, is a life filled with meaning and purpose. Fulfilled dreams have that power. Let us transfer to the subconscious mind of your child, through our constant repetition of self-inspired projects, the same BKI entrepreneurial spark that has kept the dreams of its founders alive until they were fully realized.


A DREAM written down with a date becomes a GOAL. A goal broken down becomes a PLAN. A plan backed by persistent ACTION will make your dream come true.

For every beginning it is the small things that make the biggest difference. Open the door to Wonder.

Rob Mathews and Kumiko Tajima (Directors, Owners, and Qualified Child Care Providers since 2003, Entrepreneurs since 1990)