BKI Preschool Main Campus: Sakai 5-17-15, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo, 180-0022


Daily school Life

Projects (Reggio EMilia Approach)

Short Movie clip

"TOKYO KIDS" Want to see how much English our Graduates learn during the course of there stay with us? Please watch the below video! Most of these kids started with ZERO English ability!

Recent Art Work

EVENTS (More to follow...)


  • 2018 Art Exhibition (Link to Testimonials from parents and visitors)


  • ART EXHIBITION in the past at the OLD SAKAI building

Every Year we have an art exhibition. When it comes to creativity, our focus is always on the creative process, rather than the end result. Please watch this old Sakai video however to get some idea of how we repeatedly get the children act on their creative ideas. When this process becomes a habit BKI has achieved one of it's main aims.

Excursion/ Field Trip

  • Petting Zoo

 Its loads of fun when the animals arrive!

Christmas SHow

Competitions and Awards

The below winner of the Japanese National Fire Engine Drawing Competition was won by a BKI graduate. The student won Gold. There was a total of 175000 National entries of which there were just six winners.