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現時点で弊社にご興味のある方、もう少し情報を求めたいという方でもお問い合わせや面接の申し込み、料金表等の請求がこのページより行えます。 この申し込みフォームを利用することによって、迷惑メールのフィルターをかいくぐり私達の元にBKIのフレンドとして確実にお問い合わせが届くシステムになっております(私達の元には1日に150通以上の迷惑メールが届きます)。その後のやり取りはこちらのシステムを通してではなく、通常メールで行うことができます。

電話: 0422-54-1898

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*Required Field-jp

Childs Name・お子様のお名前 (ローマ字でお願い致します)(必須) *
Childs Name・お子様のお名前 (ローマ字でお願い致します)(必須)
Childs Date of Birth・お子様の生年月日 (必須) *
Childs Date of Birth・お子様の生年月日 (必須)
Childs Sex・お子様の性別 (必須) *
Half day (8.45am-2.00pm) Full day (8.45am-5.30pm) Early Bird drop off 7.30am/Late Pick up 6.30pm Available-jp
Desired Enrolment Day・ご希望の入学日
Desired Enrolment Day・ご希望の入学日
Number of days per week required (minimum 3)-jp
Days Interested in Enrolling your Child・ご希望の通園日(必須) *
Enquirers Name・お名前(ローマ字でお願い致します)(必須) *
Enquirers Name・お名前(ローマ字でお願い致します)(必須)
Your Name-jp
Fathers Name・お名前(父)(ローマ字でお願い致します)
Fathers Name・お名前(父)(ローマ字でお願い致します)
Mothers Name・お名前(母)(ローマ字でお願い致します)
Mothers Name・お名前(母)(ローマ字でお願い致します)
Home Address・ご住所
Home Address・ご住所
Please tell us how you first discovered us. 我々のことを何で知ったか教えてください



Thank you very much for your interest in our school. While this is our official entry portal to joining the world of BKI, we appreciate the possibility that you may be simply making an enquiry at this stage.
Initial enquiries, interview requests, relocation kits or our tuition table can be requested here. Use of this form will ensure that your initial message gets through our spam filters and after this our spam filters will identify you as a friend to BKI. (Some days we receive up to 150 spam e-mails a day!). Once we reply to you, further email enquiries can then be made through our standard enquiry address.

Interviews are by appointment only. We take single family interviews only (No group bookings).

 Your details will be kept private and confidential.

Please take the time to fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you do not get a timely response from us please check your spam or promotions folder. 

Thank you.

(Please do not use Japanese text on the form below.  For Japanese text please use the form above.)

TELEPHONE: 0422-54-1898

EMAIL:    staff[AT]


English Enquiry Form

* Required Fields

Childs Name *
Childs Name
Childs date of birth *
Childs date of birth
Childs Sex *
Half day (8.45am-2.00pm) Full day (8.45am-5.30pm) Early bird drop off 7.30am/Late pick up 6.30pm Available
Desired Enrolment Day
Desired Enrolment Day
Number of days per week required (minimum 3)
Days Interested in Enrolling Your Child *
Enquirer`s Name *
Enquirer`s Name
(Your Name)
Fathers Name
Fathers Name
Mothers Name
Mothers Name
If you are moving to Tokyo and you know your new address please put this, otherwise your current address is OK
Phone number *
Phone number
Please tell us how you first discovered us.
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